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$15 per kit – Pick your recipe!

Red Velvet Checkerboard Cake Confetti Sushi Roll

What Is Doorstep Desserts?

A box of pre-portioned ingredients to make delicious dessert recipes of your choice at home, every week

You Pick

Pick which recipe & subscription is right for you.  You’ll get an email the Friday after your renewal, asking what recipe you’d like next.


We Deliver

We ship for FREE every Monday and our kits are sent right to your doorstep.  No trips to the store and no wasted ingredients!

You Create

Create your awesome desserts in your own kitchen. You’ll be your very own pastry chef! No hassle, little mess and delicious desserts.

Desserts Your Family Will Love

Make a routine of creating new memories with your family centered around a delicious dessert.


Red Velvet Checkerboard Cake

Confetti Sushi Roll

What’s in a Doorstep Dessert Kit?

Everything that you’ll need to make a delicious dessert recipe at home.  We try our best to limit the amount of packaging that goes into your box.  No ice packs, no packing paper, little waste.

Recipe Card

A step-by-step recipe card is included in each box to help you make the perfect dessert

Dessert Ingredients

We pre-portion and pack each individual ingredient so you don’t have to worry about wasting any food

Dessert Kit Box

Your dessert kit comes in a cardboard box. Channel your inner 2nd grader and turn that thing into a rocket ship!

What Our Customers Think

As a chocolate lover this tasted amazing! I had so much fun making it with my girlfriend after dinner. Great date idea!

– Bryan

Awesome concept! I was really excited when it was at my doorstep. The pink decal made it even more exciting. Awesome job!

– Jenny

I like the convenience of the dessert kit. Having everything you need right there was perfect. Great!  Can’t wait for my next kit!


Dessert Brings Us Together

Connect with your friends over great times and delicious desserts.

Red Velvet Checkerboard Cake

Confetti Sushi Roll


Get your dessert on!

With no commitments, you can skip a delivery or cancel at any time. No questions asked! Why wait?